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Merchant Marketplace offers ISO’s the ability to earn unlimited commissions by partnering up with our Group. We maintain some of the highest commissions, approvals, turn around times and fundings in the industry.
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Reliable Opportunities

Our dedicated team thoroughly evaluates each opportunity, ensuring that only promising American small businesses with a strong potential for growth and success are presented to our investors.


By accessing a diverse range of opportunities, investors can distribute their investments across various industries and regions, reducing overall risk and maximizing the potential for positive impact.

Empowering American Small Businesses

By participating in our syndication portal, investors directly contribute to the growth and enrichment of American small businesses, playing a vital role in fostering entrepreneurship and strengthening our national economy.

Don't miss the chance to shake hands with the REAL SHARK!

The Merchant Marketplace is a leader in helping small business owners grow and expand their businesses. Join our syndication platform today and team up with us in helping American business owners thrive on the most powerful fintech platform in the industry. Our peer to peer platform helps fund America's small business owner's while investors have the ability to earn significant returns or their investments.You have complete transparency with our portal and app to monitor and control all your investments. Best of all, you can get paid daily, weekly, monthly or leave the money in the app to reinvest as you see fit. Join our platform today!
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Getting started with Merchant Marketplace as an ISO broker is a straightforward process.


Benefits of Partnering with Merchant Marketplace

Highest Payouts

We pride ourselves on offering some of the industry's highest commissions, ensuring that your hard work translates into substantial earnings.


At Merchant Marketplace, we understand the importance of speed in the merchant cash advance industry. Our processes are designed for swift approvals, quick turnaround times, and speedy funding .

Direct Communication

Our ISO portal allows you to maintain direct contact with your dedicated Representative and Underwriting team. We believe in open communication to ensure your success.

Syndication Portal

If you or your agents wish to syndicate deals, we provide a dedicated syndication portal to facilitate collaborative efforts.

Full Tracking, Reporting, and Transparency

We believe in transparency. Our platform offers comprehensive tracking and reporting tools, ensuring you have complete visibility into your deals and earnings.

Best-in-Class CRM System

When you partner with us, you gain access to our state-of-the-art CRM system. It streamlines your operations, making your work more efficient and productive.

Introducing the Merchant Marketplace ISO App for Brokers in the Cash Advance Industry!

  • Deal Submissions

    Enter a deal, upload necessary documents, and manage the entire submission process effortlessly.
  • Offer Management

  • Documents Upload

  • Real-time Notifications

  • 24/7 Accessibility

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